God bless $2 pitchers of beer! I needed to make $200 to pay rent tomorrow without having to go into my savings and I jokingly told people that but I only expected to make like $70 most. I ended up making 40% of my sales and exceeded my expectations and needs.

Like being a waiter is shifty as hell bc you never know when it’s going to be super busy or super dead. But when it’s super busy it’s so worth it.

But then I remember I get paid $2.18 an hour and get voided checks or like $9 checks

My grandmother was a wealthy New Orleans uptown child and my grandfather a downtown New Orleans kid whose family got by with a struggle. Both of them had widowed mothers but my grandmother was an only child and my grandfather has a sister. They always tell me about their childhood and what they did and where they hung out and it’s so interesting hearing the differences in their life because of class.

4:00 and I don’t have any plans so basically it’s a normal day

My one year anniversary with the restaurant I work for is today. I’ve been serving up pizzas to people for a full year now

Getting internet in New Orleans is honestly one of the hardest things to do. Certain companies “own” streets and neighborhoods leaving you with no choice. Then you’ll go to set it up only to find they don’t service you’re specific address.

Internet shouldn’t be this hard man